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All Ginseng Benefit

All Ginseng Benefit

One of the most highly touted Ginseng Benefits has always been its aphrodisiac properties. For many years this herbal root has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest aphrodisiacs in the world. In fact it is even called the “man root”, a term that pays homage to the unique shape of this highly coveted plant. There are however a number of additional healthy benefits that can be derived from using Ginseng. From the earliest days of civilization humans have been enthralled by the powers of the humble Ginseng root. The Greeks even classified the plant as Panax which is a Latin term for ‘healing all’. This plant is grown in Asia, particularly in cooler regions of Korea, China and Vietnam. There is a type of ginseng that is found in Siberia but this herb is very different from the Asian varieties. American ginseng and Japanese Ginseng are true cousins of the powerful Asian herb, but these ginseng roots do not contain as high a concentration of Ginsenosides as the plants that are found in China.

True ginseng has a root that is very fleshy. The active compounds are Ginsenosides. With the Siberian Ginseng, the root has a woody texture and the plant contains active Eleutherosides instead of the more potent Ginsenosides. People use Asian and American forms of ginseng root to treat a number of different physical conditions. The benefits offered by ginseng are now being used by individuals of almost all ages for a variety of reasons. Ginseng is quite famous for its abilities to act as an aphrodisiac, and it is also noted to improve male virility. For years many health professionals have promoted the use of ginseng to treat problems such as male sexual dysfunction.

The dried root of the Ginseng plant is now being used for problems related to diabetes. The Ginsenosides help control blood sugar levels and has been proven useful at limiting the dips and spikes that are so common among diabetic patients. Today you will even see that Ginseng has become a common ingredient in many energy and health beverages. The addition of ginseng is said to provide users with more endurance, increased stamina and a boost of energy. Some ginseng benefits are linked directly to the fact that this plant is considered to be a true adaptogen by scientists. This means that ginseng is able to boost a person’s ability to handle and resist stress. For patients who are undergoing radiation treatments ginseng is proving to be very helpful. Generally, radiation lowers the blood hematocrit because the treatments are destroying blood cells. The use of this herb has been shown to help these individuals maintain their normal hematocrit levels.

Ginseng also contains high levels of powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are able to repair cellular damage that results from free radical attacks. There are even anti-carcinogenic compounds that are identified in ginseng. These compounds have been isolated in both the roots and leaves of the ginseng plant. This would appear to indicate that ginseng usage has the ability to treat or prevent specific forms of cancer. Some studies show that using Ginseng could prove useful in a weight loss program. Ginseng boosts the body’s natural metabolism and helps burn fat more effectively. Natural ginseng also seems to suppress over-active appetites. Ginseng is even being combined with some of the other best known Asian herbs in an effort to see what synergistic responses can be produced. At the present time the results have been very positive and the natural Ginseng benefits in the way of healing are being intensified.

Researchers are finding that the benefits of ginseng as a dietary and nutrition supplement are now opening up new doors of possibility and hope. This herb offers anti-inflammatory properties and is now being used to treat chronic pain conditions that result from ailments such as arthritis. The Ginseng plant is even being offered as a treatment option for people with disorders such as ADD or hyperactivity. The natural botanical compounds improve the mind’s ability to focus, sharpen cognitive skills and have even been shown to boost memory function. Today many researchers are searching for new ways to use Ginseng as a treatment for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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