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Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Health and beauty benefits of coconut oil goes way back in the ancient times where people believed in its rich natural vitamins and minerals and that it can heal sickness and revitalize beauty.  In most tropical countries where coconuts are abundant, women still use coconut oil to make their hair shiny, black and strong while men use it as topical medicine for their wounds and believe it will heal wounds and even internal infections.

Like any other traditions, use of coconut oil has been almost forgotten.  Well almost, then in the early 1950’s, a group of scientists conduct a study if the oil we are using are healthy.  Like any other oil, they said that the coconut oil creates a fat that is causing obesity, high blood pressure and other illnesses.

Until in the late 1980’s, scientists made a new research and they found out that in the 1950’s scientists used a saturated oil which is wrong.  Now they have finally determined that the coconut oil contains healthy minerals and that it enhances health and more importantly promote numerous beauty benefits. The knowledge of the beauty benefits of coconut oil has become widespread. What they have discovered changed the lifestyle of many health-conscious and since then coconut oil has been used as a natural ingredient added in beauty products and various food supplements.  More and more chemicals being used on our everyday life, from instant noodles and flavorings, people have become health conscious and are now looking for a natural way of living.  Listed below are just some of the many healthy and beauty benefits of coconut oil.

Here are some benefits of coconut oil for health and beauty

Lose Weight Naturally – It is said that what you take into your body reflects outside.  Coconut oil when properly taken into the body helps fights bad fats in our body.  You might not know but there are actually two kinds of fat in our body.  A bad fat causes obesity, clogged arteries and high blood pressure and the good fat that mitigates the bad fat.  Study shows that coconut oil is composed of good fat that is needed by our body to neutralize the number of fats in our body.  With the help of coconut oil you can lose weight the natural way and have the slender and fat-free body you’ve been dreaming of.  Start every morning by taking in one teaspoon a day and two months on the second month onwards.

Heals skin and other disorders – one of the major concerns of women who are getting old is their wrinkles. Because of the moisturizing properties of coconut oil, taking it up daily will result to slow the process of wrinkles and sagging of skin maska za bore. Many beauty product companies have added coconut oil into the ingredients of their products, mostly in lotion. Research said it can also heal various skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin infections and dermatitis.  Beauty benefits of coconut oil is continuously growing specially now where more scientists challenging themselves to discover more use of out of this so called tree of life.

Promotes soft, shiny and healthy hair – Way back from the old days, coconut oil has been a part of a woman’s daily beauty routine.  It has been used as a conditioner to make the hair more black and beautiful. Applying coconut oil on the hair and rubbing it into the scalp for 30 minutes helps make the hair shinier, stronger and black as night. It completely heals damaged hair by using coconut oil after daily shower. There are now countless shampoos and conditioner with coconut oil in them.  For older men, use extracts of aloe vera mixed with coconut oil and leave it on your hair for 30 minutes before taking a shower for hair loss problems.

Relieves stress – Going into spa to relax your muscles and to relieve stress from your body.  One of the beauty benefits of coconut oil is to relieve you from the stress and relax your mind from your problems. We all know that stress is mentally but it can cause internal and external diseases if it reaches the limit your mind and body can endure.   Headaches, stiff neck, joint pain and other physical conditions are the effects of stress. Using coconut oil in massaging the body can help relax the mind and body.

Bone figure and Dental Care – Many people do not know that the coconut oil can help the teeth strong, eliminate bad breath, prevent cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases. Coconut oil has the ability to absorb minerals like magnesium and makes the bones and teeth healthy.  Like dentist on teeth, doctors recommend taking in coconut oil for middle-aged women to prevent osteoporosis.  For healthy and whiter strong teeth, combine 2 tablespoon of coconut oil with 3 tablespoon of baking soda and use this as toothpaste for brushing to have an effective results.

Here are some benefits of coconut oil for beauty and the skin:

Helps remove excess make-up and moisturizes the skin – To have your face a natural glow, before going to bed make sure to use coconut oil to remove excess makeup.  Apply few drops of coconut oil on a clean cotton balls and gently remove make-up.  Coconut oil is natural therefore consist no harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin.  When you wake up in the morning you will feel your face smooth, moisturized and free from chemicals which cause pimple and acne.

Prevents underarm odor – The word beauty not only goes with physical attributes, it’s also goes with the inside and of course the way you smell.  One of the many beauty benefits of coconut oil is it has a natural way of preventing underarm odor.  The natural content of coconut oil keeps the underarm smooth and silky. Before roll-ons and deodorant sticks, coconut oil is used to prevent underarm from sweating which produces unnecessary odor.

Softens and heals drying lips – Other lip balms have a chemical content that makes the lips itchy.  I even saw a cancer patient and she got tongue carcinoma which started from a small wound from her lips. These days, you never know if the chemicals from lipstick or lip balms are safe to your health. Coconut oil as a lip balm prevents scaly, cracked and dried lips. Applying coconut oil on lips every time will make it smooth and naturally beautiful.

Naturally whitens the skin – Stop taking up those tablets and get the natural whitening solution snail farm serum. Most women desire their skin to be fair and white. You can achieve a natural, chemical-free white skin by applying a small amount of lime juice mixed with coconut oil to elbows and knees.  It is by far the most inexpensive and safest way of whitening your skin.  Another benefit of coconut oil is that it makes the skin exfoliated by mixing it with sugar using it to skin as a body scrub.

These are just some of the many beauty benefits of coconut oil.  No wonder in India, Philippines and other Asian countries, coconuts are called the tree of life.  The health and beauty benefits of coconut oil are immeasurable and continuously growing.  More and more scientists are studying coconut oils to discover new uses and to improve our way of living and that is living healthy and naturally beautiful. They would like to discover even more of the beauty benefits of coconut oil.

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