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Benefit of Coconut Oil

Benefit of Coconut Oil

There are so many benefits of coconut oil on skin that can be gained. You may have read a lot about the many benefits of coconut oil and its uses,  there are actually lots of benefits that one can get from drinking this oil, or from just directly applying it to your skin.  In this article we will just focus on the benefits of coconut oil on skin.

Let’s talk about the thing that makes coconut oil amazing, the lauric acid that is found in coconut oil is converted to monolaurin once it is processed inside our body. The monolaurin is the one that will fight off harmful bacteria, and that’s not the only thing that monolaurin can do, it will also help in detoxifying our internal organs helping us clear out the harmful toxins that are occupying our body. In a research conducted by the Center of Disease Control, monolaurin has exhibited quite extraordinary ability to fend off multiple types of diseases such as: Monolaurin has also been cited to be effective against fungal infections such as:

There are several coconut oil beneficial on skin reasons. Virgin coconut oil is actually very beneficial to your skin because it’s high in lauric acid, and lauric acid is a fatty acid which is a powerful anti oxidant that fights off those free radicals that are attacking your cells and your skin. That is one of the benefits that we can get from using coconut oil in our skin.

Our skin is filled with these connected fibers, and these connected fibers start to break down as we get old and that’s because these free radicals are attacking them which is because of our environment such as pollution or because of our strenuous lifestyle. The difference between using pure virgin coconut oil and plain coconut oil is how it melts on the skin, so if you use just a normal coconut it’s not going to melt on your skin straight away from your body heat. With pure virgin coconut oil it actually absorbs really quickly and you can also tell by the smell of it and the taste.

Most facial creams nowadays are mainly composed of water, and once our skin is dry, it immediately becomes flaky and irritable and may even cause acne, and some other various skin ailments. That’s why instead of using lotions, it would be better to use the natural oil due to the fact that it has natural vitamin e, and other helpful minerals that will help in keeping germs and other harmful bacteria on your skin. There is a difference between using coconut oil and using pure virgin coconut oil, it is how it is extracted which is really important so instead using chemicals or heat to extract the oil it is actually cold press so it’s a benefit to your skin and it’s benefits is absolutely amazing.

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